Gnawa part of most festivities

Niema CHAKKOR 2019-09-30 00:00:00 Culture
Gnawa part of most festivities

who doesn't want a Gnawa group livening up the ambiance in their wedding? 

Since as far as any of us can remember the Gnawa music have always been part of most kinds of festivities in morocco. Their shows never fail to entertain and enhance their audience with their exotic moves and the loud noises that they magically turn into music.

Gnawa was created by South African freed slaves, who blended into the Moroccan society in the dawn of time. this music was their way of preserving the traditions and folkloric music of their ancestors. Now Gnawa is so deeply rooted in Moroccan culture that you can't separate them, and most Moroccans don't know the history behind it.

Besides being a local favorite, Gnawa music drew the attention of various music fanatics around the world, to them it seemed like a spiritual, tribal dance with so many colors and hypnotizing moves that sync together forming a piece of art. It even drew the interest of famous European and American musicians and the music has become so popular that it prompted the Moroccan government to organize a yearly festival in the southern coastal city of Essaouira.

To give the foreign point of view of Gnawa, the music is included in some spiritual practices. But more so, it's the voice of those Gnawa Masters expressing themselves with passion and sometimes with humor, keeping the spirit of their South African ancestors' history alive, as they used their music to unwind their misery in their enslavement and their longing for a homeland they were torn away from.

"The components of Gnawa songs and dances incorporate references to the singers' origins and enslavement, as well as displacement and misery."- AL JAZEERA Morocco