Beauty Products & Environment?

Niema CHAKKOR 2019-10-05 00:00:00 Business
Beauty Products & Environment?

While we all know the environment we live in is gradually becoming more of a ticking toxic bomb and most of what we eat, touch and use in our daily lives have more chances of killing us in a long term basis, than us dying in a car accident or because of old age. Unfortunately, we give the thought a passing consideration shivering in fear of the consequences then we slump into denial convincing ourselves that there is nothing we can do about it.


Nevertheless, there's one thing we conveniently forget: changing the world involves changing ourselves first. And that's what a group of students from the Faculty of Science and Technology in Tangier did when they stumbled into one of our many environmental problems. In one of their ground explorations with a non-lucrative organization: ENACTUS, they found that the olive oil extraction activities in the region of Ouazzane have negative effects on the environment, due to the olive water waste residue that they throw away, this water even though 100% organic started to harm the land and climate, seeping into the water resources and affecting both animals and inhabitants. By capturing that issue, the students took the opportunity to develop an idea, which consists of preventing the water waste from being thrown away into nature, by treating, valorizing and using it. That's how they came up with their first cosmetic product: an organic soap.

It was the trigger that led them to establish MarginolLabs: a social startup that aims to reduce the daily consummation of toxic and synthetic chemicals and raise social awareness in favor of local markets that can be both affordable and healthier. Besides creating cosmetic products they accompany local cooperatives having difficulties to market their products and help them with a variety of workshops and counseling sessions.

This group of five ambitious students had managed to team up making a successful business where each of them contributed their talent and unified their ambition and passion to make a difference. They had tackled this task making a success out of it despite their young age. MarginolLabs is now an investment where they followed their passion and challenged themselves to achieve more goals.

As an acknowledgment to their work, MarginolLabs has been invited by the British Council and the UK embassy in Morocco to be part of the programmed royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Marginollabs had the privilege to share the impact of their work as young Moroccan entrepreneurs.

"Because we believe that with human connections, we can conspire together to build a bridge that can lead us to our success."MarginolLabs; Head of digital communication Fatima Ezzahra Draiss.