how to be perfect ?

Khaoula saidna 2019-11-12 15:54:15 Leadership
how to be perfect ?

How to be perfect?
This question suggests me, several thinkers, I don't know how to relies that, but I want to conclude that in some characteristics like be confident, smile, love yourself, open your mind, be a skilful person, keep on learning, be a kind,  and protect your value.
Be confident means to act confident, is the first step to presenting the image you are wanting for, another character is a smile, If you are the one who's always funny and smiling, others will be immediately drawn to you.
love yourself, you must stay positive. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, automatically stop. Another character is that open your mind, you keep open-minded will lead positively, empathy and understanding attribute all humans are attracted to.
be a skilful person, if you are creative, paint, sing, write or dance. you should correlate these skills with your goals. 
Another new character, which I like it, and I do it when I have time is kept on learning, your personality is multi-faceted; you are not just a pretty face. Read up on current events and topics that interests you to be an interesting conversation -list.
be kind, if you are intelligent, confident and skilled, it doesn't matter unless you put those qualities to good use. you can help others when you see somebody struggling. 
Be polite and respectful, if someone is different or feels differently than you, take a step back before you judge.
protect your value, means to be a good person, in the sense of best value as a leader. To be a leader means to have specific values which character yourself or your personality. In another word, knowing yourself and what you value, will make it easier to make good decisions and become the person you want to become.