Hit the job market

Hanane Hafid 2017-08-29 20:53:33 Other
Hit the job market


We all dream to work in our fields of study However, it is not as much important as to work in a field we feel we make a change in, or at least we contribute in the world in some way.

 A great way to know which job we feel more at ease with is to do internships. Internships do not only introduce us to the real job market but it also teache some soft skills which we might not have been aware of their importance.

Internships make the person more aware of what kind of job suits him/her. If you take an internship for one month in a desk job and you couldn’t bear it,then you seriously should think of a future job which doesn’t include sitting all day at a desk.

Another advantage of internships is knowing how you work with others. If you think because you work on a school project with your class mates and you get an ‘A’ so you are a good team player you need to rethink of it. Working in a job which includes spending much time in group projects can be a nightmare for some people.  After all not all human beings are the same we are different, so our way of being creative or productive can be totally different.  In one hand there are people who find it more suitable to work in a team and share ideas and be part of a bigger group, on the other hand, others prefer to work alone and find it easier to work on a project where they are the only person who can be responsible for the project from A to Z. Moreover, internships present more possibilities in jobs. Approaching a specific job in the job market opens your eyes to how many crafts and businesses are responsible for the whole thing success. At this moment you start to think of different choices than you had in mind.

For so many students or graduates, finding an internship can be a little difficult depending on their place of living. It’s a fact that a big industrial city offers more internships positions, so more job offers. However, each person must give his 100 per cent dedication to invest in his future. If internship experience is out of the question, it may be an effective way to get experience by Volunteering. Volunteerism has the same advantages as internships and can benefit the person a big deal.

To say that you want to hit the job market and find your dream job in the first 3 seconds can be delusive. I don’t say that you won’t find your dream job but what I am saying is that you need to experience real jobs in order to know what your real dream job is.

 Some people wish to work in public sector maybe because it’s more stable and presents a more suitable way. Others go for private companies or investments, but we should not forget that there are people who prefer to be entrepreneurs and set up their own businesses. Instead of working for others they prefer to be the ones who create job openings for other people.

It is different how we approach colors and it is more different how we approach our futures. The first step was/is choosing majors in high school. Since that moment we were asked to fill the major application, we started to think seriously of what we will do with this major certificate.

There are people who are proud of what they chose and others who wish there was someone to advise them to make another choice. I can say that whatever you chose/choose will not affect how successful you will be. You are the only person who will control how you shape your future. If you want to work in a specific job go for it but if it’s not ‘The job’, you have limitless choices out there.

Hitting the job market can start from high school or college. Doing internships or voluntary work, you assure yourself to have the first vaccination to survive the job market.

The only thing you have to do is go for that opportunity and learn from it.