"Lamamy" the promising Feminine social enterprise

MasterPeace Morocco 2018-06-19 00:43:28 Event

As a strategic partner, MasterPeace Morocco mentored the official launching ceremony of Lamamy project. The project that aims to offer the less-privileged ,divorced and widowed women a decent job in making homemade food.

The official launching event” Ftour O’Mghzel” knew the attendance of more than 180 participants and started with the opening word of the founder of the project talking about her personal experience by which she was inspired to take step and start her social feminine enterprise.

The two morning panels were about social entrepreneurship and as a means of making change in the community and the panel of Hidth Senior , the two panels brought together entrepreneurs in the field of social entrepreneurship  such as Mr.Zakaria Fahim the president of HubAfrica and Ms.Sabah Chraibi the president of ESPOD association.

The participant had the chance to break their Fast on the meals prepared by the mothers who benefited from the project and on which they got a great feedback for their well made meals. After that, the panel Hdith Junior was about young entrepreneurs who are running a social enterprise or have made an achievement in their community.

At the end participants and speakers grouped for a photo that marked the start of a new promising  feminine social enterprise.