Artists Create Together

MasterPeace Morocco 2019-02-14 13:19:05 Culture
Artists Create Together

MasterPeace Morocco is pleased to announce ACT project -Artists Create Together- a MasterPeace global concept that uses art to transform local communities toward inclusive societies. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs, that will take place in 5 different countries; Morocco, Netherlands Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, and Georgia.

From the standpoint of “Lack of interpersonal trust and gender equality hinder societal- and jobs perspective.’’ ACT Morocco will be focusing on five cities: Zagora, Ouarzazate, Agadir and Marrakech involving all relevant stakeholders, youngsters, role models, local authorities, and business, to initiate direct public and artist participation on ACT projects with the aim of:

  • a more vigorous local cultural sector, which can contribute to social innovation;
  • more participation in cultural events by young people;
  • a safer, more sustainable urban living environment;
  • sustainable preservation of local cultural heritage.

Our concept has 4 building blocks of Musical Concerts, Walls of Connection (street art visualization), Storytelling and Summits with an inclusive approach of involving marginalized groups as an active part of the project. The four blocks aim to inspire and mobilize youngsters, allowing them to express their frustration and desires in a complex context and give them the necessary tools for a positive transformation

On the national level, MasterPeace Morocco is conducting the project on two main cities which are Ouarzazate & Zagora beside some part of the project will take place in Marrakech & Agadir, via this article we invite every individual, organization, company or a public institution to join MasterPeace Morocco efforts in orderto make an impact via our transformation framework based in raising awarness, desire to change, establish knowledge and most important is having the ability to maintain the sustainibility of the project, we will be happy to receive your emails and propositions by email to: act[@]