How Can An Entrepreneur Be A Leader?

Rachida Moussaoui 2017-07-06 19:57:13 Business
How Can An Entrepreneur Be A Leader?

It goes without saying that an entrepreneur is a different leader from all kinds of leaders. An entrepreneur focuses on each idea in turn, adjusts his strategies and skills as his or her company grows and develops. The structure of the team and the roles of the members are all up to him. Any move made can either lead to good or bad results. Many criteria must be considered when calling an entrepreneur “a leader”


The first element is creativity this person creative? Does he or she have an idea similar to all ideas of others? If yes, then it is ok but how did he or she manage to apply the idea? How did he or she stand up in comparison of all others? Does he or she have creative ideas? Can he or she see what other people cannot see?



The second element is coordination. A leader must maintain the coherence of his or her team. The organization and structure of his group must be clear because all members should be open to work with each other, and feel free to criticize and cooperate. Just as a football coach divides roles among the players and makes sure they respect and understand each other’s parts, an entrepreneur is ultimately supposed to do the same.


The last but not least criterion is cooperation. As the company grows, the entrepreneur should be ready to cooperate both with his or her internal resources and external agencies. Actually, entrepreneurs are not always asked to be the only men standing, as most often collaboration is the key for a successful business. One hand cannot clap on its own and one cannot succeed without other’s help when it comes to build a company.