Three ways to take better care of your employees

Thu Ha Bui 2017-09-02 17:29:01 Leadership
Three ways to take better care of your employees




Build up HR departments :In this particular regard, the essence of HR departments has been repeatedly underscored, in which they are the only body directly involved in supervising and managing employees. A solid and vigorous HR department will secure inclusive and robust growth of the company. As such, companies should uphold the integrity, transparency and efficiency of their HR workforce, starting from the identification of their short-term (in a year for example) and long-term objectives with respect to their employees. Then, top leaders, including the HR departments need to assemble and discuss how they could translate their goals into concrete actions at length. Progress measure, coupled with report is also a favorable method, allowing those at high positions to reflect on what they have accomplished and what they can modify in the future to achieve the maximum effectiveness of their HR services.

 Develop employees’ benefits: It is broad generalization that when it comes to workers’ benefits, we only talk about wages and fringe-related benefits. In fact, their welfare far surpasses those supposedly inherent benefits. Noting that workers ‘performance also depends on other factors such as family, employees’ individual background should also be seriously heeded. According to a report conducted by ESI Group, only 3-5% of employees take advantage of their companies’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP), while actually one out of five is disturbed by his or her personal problems. Such gulf between those having individual issues and those soliciting the EAP services is a credible proxy for the productivity reduction that companies are obliged to endure.

Realizing the significant magnitude of employees’ benefits, each company needs to ascertain that their workers shall be well informed of the variety of benefits that they are entitled to, and ways they could utilize their workers ‘rights. HR departments should ensure unhindered contact between employers and employees, and the latter that the provision of their personal information shall be kept confidential to foster their trust in the EAP services.

 Discover the unfulfilled needs :These days, as technology is in its full bloom, many companies have devised electronic surveys and data systems to find out whether their employees’ needs have been adequately met. Employees are required to fill in the surveys that specifically ask questions related to their working experience, and then the surveys will be transferred to HR departments for further analysis. Based on received data, HR departments and senior officials are able to articulate specific changes to improve their employees’ well-being.

It is also crucial to bear in mind that not all employees feel comfortable to share their perspectives. For those who are reluctant, it should be clearly suggested to them that they can still submit their feedbacks without the fear of imminent discriminatory treatment from their employers. Furthermore, businesses need to ensure transparency within workers’ evaluations, especially regarding the ombudsman services which collect complaints from employees.