Being a feminist in Morocco?

Aziza El Aazizi 2018-07-29 09:19:13 Other
Being a feminist in Morocco?

Feminists are seen as people who betrayed the traditional way of things, and most female feminists are pictured as queer and anti-men.

I'm not saying that women and men are totally equal and everything is great here in Morocco. My struggle is global sexism. My struggle is a lot of girls who are out of school. My struggle is the fact that hundred women today were married as children.

I argue with people quite a lot. I don’t want to accept this “tradition,” so I fight back. I probably can’t change everyone’s mind, but I still believe that if you stop fighting and accept the patriarchy, nothing will change. I don’t want to accept patriarchy, I want to empower young women here in Morocco . I want to support my LGBTQ+ friends when no one else can. But there are people with whom arguing is not something I can or should do, so I educate my relatives about some issues regarding feminism.

Feminism is about gender equality, not about hating one gender. Feminists are focused on improving the lives of all genders, and all identities. I have really great men in my life, as role models, caregivers, and some of my best friends. As a feminist, I enjoy engaging in dialogue with my male friends. Feminism also focuses on redefining all gender roles to help both genders. Men are allowed to be feminine because feminine is good, but women do not have to be feminine, either. It’s all about being fair and equal.

I want to explain feminism to those who don’t understand and I don’t want to bother fighting with people who disagree. It is so important to remind myself and  that even if my family or community disagrees with my  beliefs, there are millions of people in Morocco And around the world who do not.So my norm is; don’t waste your time and energy on people who don’t believe that the sexes are meant to be equal socially, politically, and economically; they are not worth it. However, your family and friends often don’t understand the idea of feminism, and you might consider talking with them about it. But always, no matter what, remember that the future is female and girls should aim to be successful and that feminist is :“The person who believes in the social,political and economic equality of the sexes ” and there are millions of people who think and believe so, too and fight for that .

Feminism means standing up to your gym teacher when she says girls can't play football because it's a “boys game ”

Feminism means campaigning for equal educational rights for both females and males worldwide.

Feminism is in the huge acts of revolt and the everyday small acts of bravery to achieve equality and make a change.